I am so excited that you are here! I am supposed to write about myself in this space, eh? Well I LOVE cats. Like absolutely adore them. I am certainly a crazy cat lady. I will never ever say no when you ask me if I want to see pictures of your pets. Coffee may be more important to my day than air. I love coffee. Iced, hot, fancy...whatever it is I love it.

My story started in New Hampshire where I grew up. Talk about a jaw dropping gorgeous state! But there is snow there...a lot of it. So I ran away to Florida and there I had my two beautiful little babies. I was a stay at home mother and Navy wife for awhile. I am so very thankful to have had that time with my children while they were young but I'm going to share something here. I was awful. I was depressed, moody, and probably not a very fun person to be around. I hated myself. My kids' father and I separated and divorced. Going from SAHM to single working mother struggling to make ends meet was a real eye opener for me. I grew up and I grew up fast. I pulled myself out of my depression and really worked on becoming me. I worked for a rock band who taught me how to let go and have fun (Love them!). I volunteered at a big cat rescue (lions and tigers and...no bears but OH MY!). Catty Shack Ranch really was my happy place. I was happier there picking up tiger poop and chuffing to all the residents than anywhere else. I miss Florida so much, but love brought me here to Ohio and it is quickly becoming home.

Today I am the head photographer of S. Lapointe Photography and Design LLC and I am so proud! I run an Etsy shop (https://www.etsy.com/shop/slapointephotography) that I am planning on selling my landscape prints and fun designs for the home! Lifestyle photography is my passion. Kids and love and weddings and newborns (omgosh please let me snuggle your new born or cry at your wedding!). Thanks for taking time out of your day to read about me. Let's get coffee and talk about you and your dream session!

Hi, it's me. Your cat and coffee obsessed future photographer!